The IceBridge Science Team has been selected by NASA to conduct: 


1)  Final development of the IceBridge Science Definition Document and Level-1 Scientific Requirements Document; 

2)  Evaluation of the IceBridge mission designs in achieving the goals defined by the Science Definition Document and Level-1 Scientific Requirements Document as requested by the NASA Program Scientist; and 

3)   Support to the IceBridge Program Scientist and Project Scientist in the development of the required analyses, documentation, and reporting during the IceBridge mission.


This ARCHIVAL web site  is intended as a resource for science team members and contains supporting documentation to assist team members working on the above  tasks.  General information can be found by clicking on Operation IceBridge.  IceBridge data can be obtained by clicking on NSIDC IceBridge Data.



Solicitation Documentation


Reference Documents


Project Documentation      


Meetings and Telecons


Deployment Plans


Cryosat Sensor Intercomparison


Schedule of Science Team Activities and Deliverables


Data Comparisons


Useful Data and Coverage Links






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