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MODIS Bands 1 and 2 False Color—Jacobshavn Glacier, June 2005 (K. Jezek)

The following files summarize a community assessment of GIIPSY satellite data requirements.  Detailed requirements and justifications are discussed in the GIIPSY Science Requirements Document.  A consolidated and numbered set of science themes are listed in GIIPSY Thematic Objectives.  These were presented and tentatively adopted by the Space Task Group.  A spread sheet linking GIIPSY thematic objectives by number to specific observational requirements is included as the GIIPSY Check List.  The GIIPSY check list also refers to image and digital maps listed below.


Documents and Maps


GIIPSY Science Requirements Document

GIIPSY Thematic Objectives

GIIPSY Check List


Image Maps of Coverage


Antarctica Ice Sheet

Antarctic Coastline

West Antarctic Ice Streams

Coates Land Ice Streams

Greenland Ice Sheet

Greenland Coast Line

Sea ice

Arctic Summer Sea Ice Extent

Arctic Winter Sea Ice Extent

Antarctic Summer Sea Ice Extent

Antarctic Winter Sea Ice Extent


Arctic Canada Ice Caps

Northern Ice Caps


Permafrost Extent

Lake and River Ice

Lake and River Locations

Lake and River Ice Description File (text file)


Digital Maps



1997 RAMP Coastline—Antarctica (SPA Format)

1997 RAMP Coastline—Arc Export


Greenland Coastline—Arc Export


Arctic Canada Ice Caps (Shape file)

Sea Ice

Arctic Summer Sea Ice Extent (raster data)

Arctic Winter Sea Ice Extent

Antarctic Summer Sea Ice Extent

Antarctic Winter Sea Ice Extent

Sea ice data format (text file)


Permafrost extent (shape file)

Global Inter-agency IPY Polar Snapshot Year