Remote Sensing Laboratory

Byrd Polar Research Center

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Kenneth Jezek                                                               Mark Drinkwater

1090 Carmack Road                                                      Head, Mission Science Division

Columbus, OHIO 43210                                                  ESA, ESTEC

USA                                                                                Earth Observations

Phone: 614 292 7973                                                     Postbus 299,  2200 AG Noordwijk

Email:                                                  The Netherlands


                                                                                        Tel: +31 (0)71 565 5673

                                                                                       Fax: +31 (0)71 565 5675


MODIS Bands 1 and 2 False Color—Jacobshavn Glacier, June 2005 (K. Jezek)


GIIPSY Events and Related Meetings



Briefing to WMO, GEO and IPY JCOMM SCOBS, Oct 12, (Drinkwater)

Briefing to IGOS Cryosphere Team, Oct. 16, ESTEC

Briefing at NSIDC, Oct 25, Boulder

Presentation at IGS Nordic Branch, Tromso, Oct. 2006 (Lytle)

GIIPSY participation in CSA Radarsat-1 Archive Processing Meeting, Nov 8, Ottawa

Briefing to U.S. Polar Research Board, Nov. 15, Washington DC (vu-graphs)

GIIPSY Team meeting planned for Tuesday (Dec 12) evening of fall AGU, San Fransisco

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Briefing to WCRP CLiC, Boulder Colorado, Dec 6,  (Drinkwater)



Space Task Group meeting in Geneva, January 17-19 2007

Briefing to European Polar Board, European Parliament Comm. Feb. 2007 (Drinkwater)

IPY Launch Event, Paris, March 1, 2007

Global Monitoring for Environment and Security(GMES) Information Day (Drinkwater) 

                 ESA ESRIN, March 8 2007.

Space Task Group telecom, June 15, 2007

Telecon Minutes

Actions and Recommendations

ESA Data Porfolio

Space Task Group Telecon, August, 8 2007


ASAP (Radarsat) Portfolio

IICWG, October, 2007, ESRIN, Frascatti

Vu-Graph Package

Space Task Group Meeting, November 26-27, 2007, Darmstadt

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STG SAR Workshop, March, 2008 St. Hubert

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Space Task Group Meeting, May 5-6 2008, ESRIN Frascati, Italy

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STG IPY Session, SCAR, July 2008, St. Petersburg, Russia

STG SAR Workshop 2, Sept 30-Oct.1 2008, DLR Oberpfaffenhovfen, Germany

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STG Meeting February, 2009 Geneva

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3rd SAR Workshop, June 2009 Frascatti

Agenda, Presentations, background

STG Meeting December, 2009 Geneva

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Oslo IPY Meeting and STG Meeting (June)

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Global Inter-agency IPY Polar Snapshot Year