Sample Loans

The PRR offers loans of its samples to researchers, educators, and museums.

Research Loans

Researchers may request loans online via the Add to Sample Bag feature. A button will appear on the sample's description page when searching our database. When all of the samples have been added to the Sample Bag, an online Sample Request Form asks for a research description and planned analytical techniques. Samples are shipped, at no cost, to the Researcher.

Researchers may borrow samples for up to 3 years. Any unused portions of the sample (including residues) must be returned.

Researchers must:

  1. Acknowledge the PRR in any proposal or publication, including annual and final NSF reports (see below for a suggested statement),
  2. Acknowledge the original collector of the sample(s),
  3. Include the "Polar Rock Repository" as key words provided to the journal or book publisher using any PRR samples or data,
  4. Provide reprints to the PRR of reports/publications that used PRR samples.

Educational and Museum Loans

Educators may borrow, at no cost, a Polar Rock Box containing ~30 representative rocks from igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary rocks plus fossils and minerals to teach about geology. The rock box is designed for K-6 education.

Educators and Museums may request sample loans via the PRR website search by adding samples to the Sample Bag and filling out the online Sample Request Form. Samples may be borrowed for up to 1 year with the option for renewal.

Acknowledgment of PRR Support

If you utilize any PRR samples, database or photo archive information in conducting your research, please acknowledge the PRR and the National Science Foundation.
To acknowledge support, please use this statement:

This material is based on services provided by the Polar Rock Repository with support from the National Science Foundation, under Cooperative Agreement OPP-1643713.

Logo files for the PRR are available to download for use in presentations and documents.

Please read the PRR Policy for Sample Donation, Distribution, and Publication.