Sample Donation Guidelines

The PRR welcomes donations of scientifically valuable polar rock collections and any supporting material.  Scientists interested in donating samples should first contact the Curator about the appropriateness of their collection for this facility.  No more than 25kg will be accepted for each sample unless the sample was obtained from:  areas difficult to access logistically, ‘type’ localities, areas designated as sites of special scientific interest, etc.  

  • Donors are responsible for entering their sample data into a pre-designed Excel spreadsheet (XLSX format) or by providing field notebooks or other notes to the curator prior to sample shipment.
  • Funds are available to cover the sample shipping costs once the sample metadata have been provided to the PRR. Additional data, such as chemical analyses, thin sections, structural data, maps, photos, etc., are requested by the PRR.
  • The donor relinquishes all exclusive claims for use and control of the donated materials.