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Technitella legumen Norman 1878

Technitella legumen Norman. Jones 1994, p 34 pl 25 figs 8-10.

Two adult-sized specimens

Both Rose Bengal stained

Collected: 11 May 1987, RV Dalnie Zelentsy, SW Barents Sea, 280 mwd, sponge-spicule mat 


The apertural structure of the second specimen enlarged

Details of the wall surface, specimen oriented the aperture up
Remarks: The agglutinated test wall incorporates sponge spicules; on the Barents-Kara shelf this species has been recorded only from the SW Barents Sea at depths of 100-300m where sponge-spicule mats of several centimeters thick commonly drape the seafloor; never found in sediment cores.