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Arctic Ocean, full color Arctic Ocean 3D bathymetry full color (105k) 
Raster source: IBCAO.
For more info see Jakobsson M, Cherkis N, Woodward J, Coakley BJ & Macnab R 2000.
A new grid of Arctic bathymetry: a significant resource for scientists and mapmakers.
EOS 81: 89,93,96.
Arctic Ocean, shaded Arctic Ocean 3D bathymetry with the Barents-Kara shelf boxed (77k)
Barents and Kara seas Bathymetry of the Barents and Kara seas (38k) 
Digital source: GEBCO
Svalbard Svalbard glaciers and bathymetry (28k)
Franz Josef Land Franz Josef Land bathymetry (37k)
Novaya Zemlya Novaya Zemlya glaciers (26k)