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Objectives and Prospect

This page is devoted to Arctic foraminifers and aims to:

Our ongoing effort is to construct and interpret a modern benthic foraminiferal and environmental database for the Arctic seas. On this page we post SEM images of common Arctic foram species, mostly from the Barents and Kara seas. We'll keep uploading new images and plan to expand on distribution charts and data tables.

We will appreciate your comments.

Our Group

Our working group is informally centered at the Byrd Polar Research Center, the Ohio State University, and includes specialists in foram biology and Quaternary Arctic stratigraphy and paleoceanography:

Leonid Polyak
Byrd Polar Research Center
Ohio State University
E-mail: polyak.1@osu.edu
Home page

Lawrence Febo
Graduate student
Department of Geology
Ohio State University
E-mail: febo.6@osu.edu

David Lubinski
Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research
University of Colorado at Boulder
E-mail: David.Lubinski@colorado.edu

Sergei Korsun
Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russia
E-mail: s_korsun@geo.sio.rssi.ru

This site was developed by S.Korsun, L.Polyak, and L.Febo.
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We acknowledge the support of US National Science Foundation award OPP-9725418 to Polyak and a US National Research Council Grant (Office of International Affairs, Collaboration in Basic Science and Engineering) to Lubinski for support for Korsun's visit to the US in 2000-2001.

We appreciate comments by: S. Bowser, J. Snyder