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The objective of this project is to determine the concentrations and size distributions of the insoluble particulates preserved within the "Taylor Ice-Dome", located along the edge of the East Antarctic Plateau. The dust analyses represent one component of a collaborative effort to compile a long (glacial/interglacial length) multi-proxy paleoenvironmental history for this area. This dust history, in conjunction with the other proxy histories to be extracted from the Taylor Dome core, will contribute to a comprehensive view of the atmospheric and glaciological conditions in this region. The long, composite environmental history is expected to complement the limited number of other ice core records from both East and West Antarctica as well as the glacial geologic history of the Dry Valley/McMurdo Sound region. The analysis of the dust concentratios in the Taylor Dome ice core is being conducted as part of Tracy Nicholas' thesis.

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Last Updated: 7/31/96