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Nevado Huascarán (PERU; 9S,77W)

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Quelccaya Ice Cap (PERU; 13S,70W)

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Key papers:

Thompson, L.G., E. Mosley-Thompson, M.E. Davis, P-N. Lin, K.A. Henderson, J. Cole-Dai, J.F. Bolzan and K-b. Liu. Late Glacial Stage and Holocene tropical ice core records from Huascarán, Peru. Science, 269, 46-50. Abstract

Thompson, L. G., E. Mosley-Thompson, J. F. Bolzan and B. R. Koci. 1985. A 1500 year record of tropical precipitation recorded in ice cores from the Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru. Science, 229(4717), 971-973.

Thompson, L.G., E. Mosley-Thompson, W. Dansgaard and P.M. Grootes. The "Little Ice Age" as recorded in the stratigraphy of the tropical Quelccaya ice cap. Science, 234, 361-364.